• Trey Underwater

    Jackson Peterson

    Principal Recruiter

    Contact Jackson at 972.954.6917 or jackson.peterson@elevatehcc.com Click here to connect with Jackson on LinkedIn.

    Jackson came to Elevate with three years of experience in healthcare recruiting. Jackson is known for his optimism, hard work, and competitive drive. He works relentlessly with his team to find the best-case scenario for both the Healthcare Professional and the facilities.
    Jackson has been living the Dallas area his entire life, which means he’s bought in on any Dallas team that you can find. Jackson has been playing soccer for over 16 years now and continues to play today on four different teams. You can find him watching any Liverpool game that is on, any time of the day. Jackson also spends most of time with friends going around to restaurants and bars in Dallas, watching any scary movie that he can find, and finding ways to stay active.