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    Jon Stoelk

    Principal Marketer

    Contact Jon at 972.954.6926 or jon.stoelk@elevatehcc.com Click here to connect with Jon on LinkedIn.

    Originally from the Midwest, Jon moved South on a leap of faith with his fiancé, Megan. He had never stepped foot into Texas and had no idea what to expect. He quickly learned what a kolache is, that pop is called “Coke,” how to Texas two-step and even to say y’all. It wasn’t long before Texas felt like home.

    Jon was born and raised in Moline, IL where he graduated from St. Ambrose University with a degree in Psychology. He moved to Dallas in 2017 where he started his career in the medical staffing industry. He’s always had a passion for the medical industry and even spent time volunteering in a local ER. So, the transition into medical staffing felt natural. With over seven years of sales and customer service experience, Jon is passionate about the difference his work makes within the communities and facilities he works with. His unique approach to building client relationships is what lead him to Elevate and continued growth in his career.