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    Derek Dunlop

    Principal Recruiter

    Contact Derek at 972.954.6916 or derek.dunlop@elevatehcc.com Click here to connect with Derek on LinkedIn.

    Internationally recognized as one of the most handsome, intelligent and humble healthcare consultants in the staffing industry, Derek comes to the table with over 10 years of recruitment, business development and leadership experience in both allied and physician staffing sectors (temporary and permanent). He possesses a proven and long-time history of successes throughout his career including many yearly and quarterly awards for production and leadership. Derek is a highly driven individual who is extremely passionate about the relationships he builds and maintains both with clients and providers using constant communication, thoroughness, follow-up and industry expertise.

    Derek graduated from Texas A&M in College Station (Gig em!) with a BS in Economics. He enjoys being outside in general, watching anything sports-related, reading, working on vehicles, working out, music and watching his beloved 49ers (who will win another Superbowl very soon). He welcomes any and all challengers to face him in paintball where he also has a long history of constant domination.